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Twin Liquors | Rebrand + UX/UI


Twin Liquors celebrates their successful past, present, and future by paying it forward through low prices, high quality beverages, and building strong customer relationships. Filled to the brim with passion, we insure our customers leave our doors with top-shelf knowledge. 


Born and raised in Austin, Texas Twin Liquors has been a spirits staple since 1937. Upon walking through the door customers are immediately greeted and asked what they can be helped with—that’s what Twin Liquors does best. Assisting and educating their customers, Twin Liquors is passionate about creating the best experience for every patron.

An alcohol staple since 1937, the new tagline highlights Twin Liquor’s two most important aspects of their company: Knowledge and History.

type and icons-03.png
type and icons-03.png
Color pallete-01.png

A modern reference to rustic signage and emblems found commonly in the south. Paying homage to their Austin roots, the logo includes accents such as a Texas icon, and the year Twin Liquors came to be. The aged texture applied to the logo is a feature found through our branding and assets, this creates consistency throughout the brand.

Twin Liquors__black.png
Photo Style-04.png

The new website is organized in a way that highlights Twin Liquors’ most important aspects, while limiting the amount of information on the pages. This makes the site much easier to navigate and read overall. Users are able to browse our selections, learn while in our blog, schedule event consultations, and much more.


Twin Liquors customers are able to have “Pitcher Perfect” celebrations through our event consultation service. Customers are able to schedule consultations online, in-person, or through the phone. Once scheduled customers are able to sample, budget, and plan for all of their beverage needs with the help of one of our event coordinators.  At the end of their appointment customers are provided with a nice folder containing their beverage summary.

tl folder.png
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 1.jpg

Directing customers to the website was implemented by creating a monthly newsletter that could be picked up at the checkout counter. This offers a way to showcase recipes from the blog posts and keep customers up to date on the store’s events.


One of the marketing tactics Twin Liquors uses is promotions through E-Blasts. Frequent shoppers are kept updated on specials, events, and deals occurring Twin Liquors. The use of graphics create a fun and visually appealing way to get customers attention.


Twin Liquors always has the best sales. By adding a unique twist to the wine bags, we ensured to bring a comfortable hold to your purchases while advertising our brand and deals.

New TL box.png

The Team
Dania Juarez | Art Director, Icon design, Website Design, Packaging
Kristen Coburn | Art Director, Advertisement layout, E-Blast, Website Design
Tyra Grant | Art Director, Website design, Blog, Newsletter
Violet Gonzalez | Art Director, Kiosk Design, Web Design

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