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(Farah) by the Sea

Inspired by Jessica Walsh's Art Direction in a shot for Aishti by the Sea Foundation, the goal was to recreate a piece of our liking and make the art move through a digital video. I wanted to make the opposite and shine light on a different kind of model in hopes to normalize people of color in the media.

Click here to see origin.


A performance piece created for Expanded Media. Inspired by my daily commute to and from school on the bus. Becoming aware that no one on the ride is aware of their surrounding area because we have become so dependent of our phones to bring us comfort. 


Inspired by humans shift in perspective, this video was created to show the growth/downfall from the technological impact on this planet. I am so drawn by our new found materialistic connections that have made us more disconnected than ever to the present world. This video was created as a final class project in Expanded Media class.

Point Rider

A project that took place at Austin's Create-A-Thon design event. Teams of students gathered together for 24 hours to help non-profit organizations get help branded in the areas they were in need of. In under 24 hours, my team and I were able to create this new logo and video for our organization, Point Rider, please enjoy!

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